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This Saturday, Charlie Weiss will lead his Fighting Irish out onto the field to face the Trojans of USC. On Friday night, however, a bit of prayer and voodoo might be advised, as the Irish have been manhandled by USC of late. With a win, Weiss will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, have a doughnut (or four or eight) and relax with the weight of job security off his shoulders. A loss, however, could mean a pink slip for the coach who was once treated as the Second Coming by a faltering program.

So if he doesn’t snap a seven-game losing streak in the USC rivalry Saturday — or should we call it a travesty, considering the Irish have lost the last two by a combined 76-3? — I’ll assume the power-mongers-that-be will ask Weis to take his coffee machine and red eyes and get out of town.

Despite the game taking place in South Bend, I think the Irish are going to get kicked in their proverbial lucky charms and loose to a superior USC team. Whether or not this means Weiss deserves to get canned will be left open to the fans of Notre Dame. Before making any big decisions, though, they need to keep something in mind. Notre Dame has always been severely overrated.

The Brady Quinn years made the Irish look like the Irish of old… so long as they were playing against piss-poor teams that my high school’s powder puff team could’ve taken. Every year it’s the same thing. Lou Holtz, God Bless him, comes out with his prediction that the Irish are going to climb Mt. Olympus and take on Zeus himself and reign supreme over the universe, only to falter early in the season. The fact is that Notre Dame hasn’t been impressive, since… I can’t even remember.

While it may be the dreaded make or break time for Coach Weiss in the eyes of the Irish faithful, it’s also reality check time for Irish fans.

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