There’s no better guy to have in your corner than Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel and that’s who struggling (to put it nicely) quarterback, Terrelle Pryor has with him.

Besieged by angry Ohio State fans who think his quarterback should be benched or moved to wide receiver, coach Jim Tressel defiantly said Tuesday he will make no major changes.

I know Ohio State fans are pissed off about losing to a then 1-5 Purdue team. I don’t think anyone took them seriously, especially the Buckeye players, although they should be taking every day seriously. But to change quarterbacks now would be dumber than walking through a wall instead of using a door.

The Buckeyes have 5 games left, the last three are against #13 Penn State, #6 Iowa and that team up north. To hand QB reigns over to a newbie would be putting the weight of Buckeye world on their shoulders and I doubt that would result in wins against the above mentioned teams.

What I find mesmerizing is that many Buckeye fans are siding with Pryor only because the season is already “lost.” This is lost? If being “lost” means having a 5-2 record and being ranked #19 in the BCS with 5 weeks to improved, then I’m sure plenty of programs would kill to be as lost as the Buckeyes.

Tressell will do the right thing and stick out this season with Pryor and see what happens. The real story will begin in the spring, unless Pryor shows in the next 5 games (6 including post-season) that he really is college Vince Young, the sequel.

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