Marcus Jordan, freshman guard for the University of Central Florida, has never had to worry about anything his entire life thanks to Pops Jordan. It’s impossible to imagine the childhood this kid probably had with the fortune his father acquired, so it perturbs me a little bit that of all the things he could possibly concern himself with, it’s what freaking shoe he wears when he plays ball.

Freshman guard Marcus Jordan is refusing to wear shoes made by adidas, the brand the university has a contract with for all its sports. He says he will only wear his father’s Nike Air Jordan shoes because they hold special meaning to his family.

I like how “…they hold special meaning to his family,” was tacked on at the end there. Maybe if I was made filthy rich by a shoe company (hint, hint), it would hold a special meaning to me, but I sincerely doubt it. Call me cynical, but my gut says that the so-called special meaning is the millions that could be made if Marcus were to continue the Air Jordan legacy with Nike. “Air Jordans II,” for example.

At the heart of this story filled with stupidity that simply boggles my mind is the fact that a freshman is causing a senseless problem for his program without having even scored a bucket for UCF yet. The kid is acting like adidas shoes are like garlic to a vampire.

I assure you, Marcus. If you wear the Adidas shoes, your feet will not disintegrate. So stop being a colossal tool and be grateful that you even get FREE shoes for playing what ultimately is a game where you put a ball through a hoop.

[via FOX Sports]

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