Marcus Jordan caused a bit of a ruckus several weeks ago over threatening to wear his Air Jordan’s instead of the UCF team Adidas shoe. UCF, like most universities, had a contract with Adidas. “Had” is the keyword.

A fight over the shoes Michael Jordan‘s son will wear at the University of Central Florida has cost the school any future sponsorship with adidas.

“The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to adidas,” adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “As a result we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward.”

Young Jordan, in all of his arrogant glory, should have to foot the bill for the team’s shoes. It’s because of him that Adidas has ended their relationship with UCF, so it’s his responsibility now. Unfortunately, he probably won’t even have to worry about it. I’m sure Nike will show up to save the day and offer a new contract. I sincerely hope not, though, otherwise Nike will be showing that crybaby student athletes can get what they want so long as you have the right daddy and cry loud enough.

[via ESPN]

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