The Ten Funniest “NBA on TNT” Commercials


I just want to point out that the new Rainn Wilson TNT campaigns are absolutely abysmal. The only funny parts are seeing how horrible the players are at acting. Like it’s enjoyable watching Arenas and Dwight Howard in the backseat of the cab but I mean come on Rainn, just stick to being Dwight Schrute. This long hair stupid cab driver thing is lame.

But I will say this. The NBA on TNT has come up with some pretty nifty stuff in the past and it’s pretty hilarious when some of these guys get together with kids, regular Joe’s, and other folks to make a mockery of themselves.

Here are the ten funniest “NBA on TNT” Commercials

Carmelo Anthony’s School of Truth

Lebron’s School of Truth

Ron Artest Hits the Prinicipal’s Office

McGrady and Yao

Look How Awesome Nash is

Al Harrington and Baron Davis

“Trevor Give me the Ball”

“All I know is Sex Sells”

It’s Tough Being the New Guy

Shaq Can’t Buy a Bucket

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