OK Mr. Irrelevant. I see your article and I’ll raise you my article. You say college basketball is better? And the reasons you gave I think are 100% legitimate. The college game is definitely purer. The no money factor comes into play. Collegiate athletes have more incentive to try harder (hence to make more money as pros) thus them listening to coaches more and working way harder in practice.

And I guess some of it shows on the court. But I cannot lie to you all. Save from the NCAA Tourney (which I think is one of the best things in all of sports) the NBA game is simply more fun to watch and to follow.

Here are my five reasons why the NBA is better than the NCAA.

1. Skill Level


Let’s face it. These guys are better. Sure they might yawn out there on the court but the game is simply more entertaining to watch. Look, I can appreciate the college game and I think it’s OK to watch fundamental basketball but it doesn’t change the fact that NBA players are much much better and more fun to pay attention to. I’ll take watching Lebron play over any college game. It’s just reality. Yeah the WNBA might run plays to a T but that doesn’t mean I’m watching the WNBA. Screw that shit.

2. Fame – yes Fame


My counterpart argued that fame gives NBA players big egos and that it sucks and all. OK fine I’ll give you that but face it. This fame is extremely entertaining. Without this fame you wouldn’t have Lebron commercials and psychos like Gilbert Arenas acting like Japanese Anime figures. You wouldn’t have these insane Ron Artest guys that are just as big a part of the league as your bottom feeder bench warmers. Fame is a good thing. There’s a Hollywood/Gossip feel which I think is fun.

3. Trades/Management


Unless a college player transfers out of a school to attend a different one we don’t see that in the NCAA. Part of what makes professional leagues cool is that you can see how well a team does based on its management. And clearly building personnel by trading is part of it. In college it’s all recruiting. In the NBA you gotta stick your balls out there and go for it insteading of flashing cars and hot chicks at some high school kid. It’s no surprise that the NBA’s best teams always have the best management. The business side of the NBA is very intriguing to me.

4. Fantasy Hoops


Sure you can play college fantasy hoops but man does that sound like a nightmare. You gotta love Fantasy anything and without pro sports it doesn’t exist.

5. The Guys Who DO Care


There are players in the NBA who give a shit. They give lots of shits. Kobe Bryant is about as fierce a competitor as anyone on the planet. Kevin Garnett hates himself when he’s not playing well and there are some guys who take that college mentality into the pro level. When you can get that? It brings it to a leve that’s higher than the NCAA.

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