Do I think LeBron’s comments about playing in the NFL were made in jest? Absolutely. But like everyone else in the media, blogosphere world, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. That and I love seeing people get riled up over nothing.

While making these half-serious comments, it was noted to LeBron that he could play a year of college football to test the waters, since he never went to college. Of course that’d mean he’d have to give up his $90 million Nike contract, but that’s the beauty of hypotheticals! So easy to just make shit up.

Here are the five college football teams I think LeBron would consider playing for.

1. USC Trojans


LeBron loves the spotlight. No question about it. He also loves getting incentives to play when he really shouldn’t be. Remember that hummer he was suddenly able to afford while playing high school hoops at St. Vincent St. Mary’s? I’m sure Pete Carroll would find ways (albeit illegal) to keep LeBron happy in Southern Cal.

2. Akron Zips


Yes, the MAC team you probably know absolutely nothing about. This team would admittedly be a wildcard, but part of me believes that LeBron likes the idea of taking a team from complete and utter obscurity and putting them on top. That and he’s made it no secret that he loves his hometown of Akron, OH.

3. Syracuse Orangemen


Syracuse’s football team hasn’t been the most competitive as of late, but the reasoning for LeBron picking Syracuse is a cocktail of picking up a broken team, New York City and following Syracuse great, Jim Brown. Yes, New York City is about three hours away from Syracuse, but I doubt LeBron would have trouble finding someone to make the commute for him. And although LeBron has failed to embrace Cleveland sports, despite growing up an hour away from the city (Yankees, Bulls, Cowboys… yeah, he’s not bandwagon), he has to know of the great history of Jim Brown, who played for the Browns when they were kings of the NFL (once upon a time). Lord knows LeBron likes being mentioned with other greats of the NBA, like Michael Jordan, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he followed in Jim Brown’s footsteps.

4. Rutgers Scarlet Knights


Closest college to New York City with a respectable football program. Plain and simple.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

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Because he said he’d “prolly” go to Ohio State if he went to college. So consider the above four options relatively pointless. Sorry for the anti-climatic ending.

Now let’s put this LeBron playing football nonsense to rest, shall we?

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  1. As a redshirt freshmen here at the university of akron, i am a bit offended by your negative comments towards our program here. Although, yes we have no been so hot this season, we are still a school that could compete in the MAC in years to come.

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