How big a sports fan are you? Personally I’m a pretty big sports fan but am I as big a fan as I think? I mean I have buddies that hold season tickets and have been going to games since they were five years old. But who is the bigger fan? Does it matter?

I think to an extent it does. I fully respect when “true” fans get annoyed at front runners who only support the team when they’re good. I also respect when some ass posing as a fan gets called out because they don’t know shit about their so called favorite team.

So I decided to come up with 5 ideal characteristics of a sports fan

1. Track Record


You can’t just say you like a team. There’s gotta be at least some kind of history and proof. Whether it’s holding on to season tickets for a certain amount of years or having been to key games in person, there’s gotta be a sense of your friends knowing you’ve been a fan of a certain team for a long time. If 100% of your friends and family don’t know your favorite team then you’re not a true fan of that team.

2. No Matter How Bad They Are You Support Them At a Game


I’m sick and tired of people booing. Boo the executives. Boo the coach. Don’t boo these guys off the field The only legal time to boo a team is if you blatantly see acts of a player not trying. Any time I see a person boo at their home team’s game it disgusts me.

3. Paraphernalia


It could be Jerseys. It could be an old chair. Somewhere in this person’s house or on their body is something that represents their team. And this is noticed often, not just once a year during playoff time.

4. They Have To Know Every Single Player on the Team and Talk Intelligently About Them


This is to say “team knowledge.” Don’t call yourself a real fan if you don’t know about the team’s history and can’t at least speak intelligently about the current roster. Just don’t bother.

5. A Willingness To Dance and Make Fools of Themselves

Every single pro sports team needs a fan who’s willing to do this.



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