Move out of the way Tiger Woods. As one golfer is plummeting to the bottom of the earth, an unlikely hero may emerge from the sudsy beer and chicken wing filled floors of Hooters:

Daly, as the photos above indicate, has shed well over 100 pounds in the last year as a result of lap-band surgery, and he’s now a slim, trim 185. He’s talking about writing a new book, and at a press conference Tuesday prior to the Australian PGA, he noted that he’d also like to see a movie made of the insanity that has been his life, both on and off the course.

He’s already thought about who would play him in the movie. He recommended pal Kevin James for the “before” version. And for the “after”? “I just saw Matt Damon, how he swung a golf club, and I thought if I ever made a movie, I want him to be me,” Daly said.

I’ve always been a fan of John Daly. In fact I’ve rused on the man a time or two over at Uncoached here and here. But bottom line, he’s just so easy to root for. He’s the man’s man golfer. Daly is the kind of guy who all men say to themselves “damnet I can be fat, drink beer and be a pro golfer too.”

Actually I think we all know that’s not true or Daly’s path would have been a bit clearer rather than to black out almost every day leading to moments like these


or these:


Honestly who the hell knows if Daly is for real. After all what they don’t tell you is that like 90% of the people from Biggest Loser gain their weight back.

But are we ready for John Daly to be back in the mix? I sure as hell am.

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