Let’s go NCAA Hoops crank it up! College basketball is yet to get me really excited this season. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan, but as of right now I am not 100% into it. The pre-conference season tournaments were just OK. There were some good games, and some interesting story-lines, but as of right now College BBall is pretty mundane. The first month of the season, hasn’t been a revelation, but when is it ever? As conference play approaches, it’s time to get caught up with some of the unspoken storylines. Meet Aubrey Coleman. The 6’4″ guard from Houston, who is leading the nation in scoring.

Coleman’s stats are gaudy! The dude can rebound and distribute the rock, not just fill it up. He’s an oversized guard, NBA scouts must be drooling over. Oh wait, they’re not. He’s not even in the Top 100 for the 2010 NBA DRAFT! How the hell can Gus Gilchrist (sorry Gus, you were the lucky guy I picked randomly) be ranked ahead of this guy! It can’t be because of the Budinger incident! I mean how many people want to step on that guys head?? I do!

I expect things to get amped up in conference play. The conferences look very competitive this year. Fortunately for Aubrey, C-USA sucks and he may be able to maintain his scoring title. However, today I’m just using him to see if anyone is paying real attention to College Hoops yet. Trust me this article wasn’t printed because the nation’s leading scorer at one time stepped on Budinger’s face……….

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