Yes, maybe in 2005 Elton but you’re no force anymore

We’ve all fallen into these holes before and I’m desperately clinging to something that’s completely shitty. My NBA fantasy team blows and it’s just a fact of life that I’m gonna have to deal with. Funny thing is that I think I have the all world 2005 fantasy team. Let me explain.

I have guys like Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion, Andre Kirilenko, Elton Brand, and Allen Iverson. I mean are you kidding me? And let me explain something about fantasy hoops.

It’s as if you always think you’re in the game. I’m sitting in last place thinking, “these guys will come out of it.” And then I try to think of any potential trades I can do and I know it just won’t get done in my league because I”m dealing with a bunch of humps who won’t pull the trigger.

But can I blame them? Not really. I’m sitting in last and not many of my players can help their teams. This is one of those seasons that you kind of just want to forget about. I know I want to put it in the past. God dammit I’m pissed.

Top three spots 3 years in a row. Then I take a 2 year layoff to come back and be in last place? Serves me right for not following the NBA and understanding that this new crop of kids have some skills.

I officially suck.


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