A couple days after it was reported that USC gave running back Joe McKnight’s girlfriend an SUV, we learn that Mr. McKnight will be watching the Trojans from home.

“He has some paperwork he needs to do and it’s best for him to stay in LA so he can be available to finish it,” Trojans coach Pete Carroll said.

I wonder what the paperwork could possibly be. First of all, shouldn’t it be his lady friend and the university going over paperwork? They apparently had no problem with paperwork when it involved signing over a brand new SUV.

I also think it’s funny that the car was an SUV. What the Hell does she need an SUV for!? Does she have a massive car pool or something we don’t know about? Nobody really needs an SUV, but she certainly doesn’t. We all know USC has been bending the rules, they should’ve just at least cheated in a good way by getting her an environmentally friendly car.

More details need to come out on this story. But it sounds like USC is trying to save face once again.

[via SportsIllustrated]

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