It’s that time of year kids.  The time of year when we reflect upon everything that happened in this past year.  And in the year of sports, 2009 has seen its fair share of great moments.  It’s funny because sometimes it takes a good memory to realize the significance of moments and you don’t realize how awesome they were until you see them again.

Like it’s hard to remember how many clutch shots Derek Fisher has hit to save games until you actually see the clip again.  Or when you see some guy you totally forgot about helping a team to win the world series (Ramiro Mendosa years back).

And here are moments just like that, that happened in 2009

Lebron’s Three Against the Magic in the Playoffs

I mean Turkoglu’s shot was awesome enough but this three was absolutely insane.

Villanova Reaches Final Four in the Last Second

What a nice cinderella moment. You gotta love that stuff. ‘Nova!

Marc-Andre Fleury’s Game 7 save

I hate hockey but come on, I had to add something and this is certainly worth putting up here.

Dewayne Wise’s Catch to Preserve Buerle’s Perfect Game

I guess I could have put something from the World Series but this is much cooler.

Federer’s Through the Legs Shot at the U.S. Open

No words to describe how smooth Federer is.

Usain Bolt Killing the 200 Meter Sprint Records


The Guy is an absolute machine.

Santonio Holmes’ Catch to Win the Super Bowl


Vijay Singh’s Hole in One at the Masters

Nope, I refuse to put anything Tiger Woods on here. Besides a hole in one at a major is pretty damned impressive.

Hardest Hitting 6 Year Old

Best. Kid. Ever.

Elizabeth Lampert Punching Moment

Best. Female Soccer Player. Ever.

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