Peyton Manning looked pretty pissed off after being benched in the Colts/Jets game, but I think that’s because he wanted to play and win the game, not because the Colts’ undefeated season was slipping away before his eyes. The guy is as competetive as you can be, but I think he understands that his legacy will be determined more by Super Bowls than by an undefeated season.

And honestly – besides cokehead Mercury Morris – does anyone really value an undefeated season? Every player will tell you that the number one goal every season is to win the Super Bowl. That’s it. Going undefeated would be a nice footnore, but if you win the Super Bowl, it’s a perfect season anyway.

There was nothing wrong with benching Manning. Sure, lots of Colts and NFL fans wanted to see the Colts go undefeated, but having Manning out there on the field with home-field already locked up throughout the playoffs is borderline insane. What if he got hurt? Could you imagine?

Anyway, an undefeated season is something that the media likes to make a big deal about but actually doesn’t mean much. Does anyone really think that the 1972 Dolphins are the best team ever because they went undefeated? Of course not – the 85 Bears would destroy them. It’s a lot of buzz about nothing, and when Manning wins his second Super Bowl at the end of this season, we’ll be talking about him as the greatest quarterback of all time, not about how he missed out on a perfect season.

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