Back during the whole Mangino fiasco, Texas Tech’s Mike Leach spoke up for the man who supposedly slapped/said mean things to a player. Well somehow it seems karma has been involved, because Leach is now dealing with his own controversy, and has been suspended from the Alamo Bowl.

Texas Tech announced Monday afternoon that it has suspended head football coach Mike Leach after receiver Adam James and his father, ESPN analyst and former SMU running back Craig James, complained to the school about alleged mistreatment after the player sustained a serious head injury. Leach is currently being investigated by the school.

The crime? Check this out and tell me it wasn’t supposed to be in the beginning of a Saw movie.

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed that Leach is under investigation for allegedly sending a player into a darkened room after he came to practice wearing sunglasses to ease the discomfort of a recent mild concussion. It has been confirmed that the unnamed player is sophomore receiver Adam James, who has caught 17 passes for 154 yards and one touchdown this season.


Okay, I get the logic. Leach probably thought he was being funny. “Too bright for you outside? You can spend practice in a DARK ROOM! Hah, get it?” Or maybe just clever. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of coaches who encountered an athlete complaining about something (serious or not serious) and exaggerate his or her complaints in the form of a creative punishment. I guess suicides and stairs just aren’t creative anymore.

But back to the whole “I’m gonna send Mr. Concussion Pants into a dark room! See how his injury likes that!” thing. Coach Leach has not denied what he’s alleged to have done. So… That generally means he did it. And if he did… He’s an idiot. One reason why athletes worsen injuries or never treat certain injuries is because there are still coaches like Leach who simply thinks “you’re just not tough enough!” It’s a tough line to walk, because sometimes simply seeing someone in your spot is motivation enough to play through an injury you shouldn’t play for. But at the division one level of college football, I’d be willing to believe anyone that says they’re injured and can’t play. Not too many would fake it at that level.

In any event, Coach Leach will be watching the Alamo Bowl elsewhere. Perhaps thinking of torture scenes for the next Bond film.

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