High School Basketball is the new College Basketball. College Basketball is the new Minor League Basketball. Times have changed. To make a long story short, High School basketball programs are now recruiting players from across the country to play for them. I thought that was for college? Maybe I’m getting old…. either way, there have been some sick high school teams.

Two of the bigger culprits are the infamous Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, and Montrose Christian in Rockville, Maryland. If an Alumni Game was held today between these two programs, who would win??


Oak Hill’s Starting Five

G – Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks)

G – Jerry Stackhouse (Memphis Grizzlies) It’s ok I didn’t know he was still in the league either…

G – Rod Strickland (Retired)

F – Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets)

F – Michael Beasley (Miami Heat)

Oak Hill likes the flashy guards, not really an institution for Big Men. We’ll go with a three guard offense, let Beasley do work on the boards….



I know this picture sucks, but I couldn’t help it. Durant looks like the dude from Air Up There…

Montrose Christian’s Starting Five

G – Greivis Vazquez (University of Maryland)

G – Miguel “Ali” Berdiel (Puerto Rican National Team)

SF – Kevin “Velvet Hoop” Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) Durant also went to Oak Hill for a year…

PF – Linas Kleiza (Denver Nuggets) sweet highlight film!

C – Isaiah Armwood/Mouphtou Yarou (Villanova University)

And the WINNER is….. Montrose behind Durant’s 45 pt, 20 rebound, 10 Assist, 10 Block performance!

There are plenty more schools like Oak Hill and Montrose across the nation…. Pretty soon we’ll be tuning in to CBS on Saturdays to watch High School Games.. Kids these days!

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  1. I think Oak Hill takes em….you left out Rondo, Josh Smith, Desagna Diop (ok you probably left him out on purpose), Ty Lawson….that school is an absolute factory

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