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Normally, I find it pretty funny when an athlete claims they are “insulted” by a contract offer worth millions of dollars, but Josh Cribbs definitely deserves a raise. But, you know, nobody forced him to sign his original contract.

BEREA, Ohio — The Browns have made Josh Cribbs an “insulting” offer of $1.4 million a year and his agents are warning that he’ll soon leave the team for good if they don’t pay him what he deserves.

It marks the first player-crisis of new Browns president Mike Holmgren’s regime.

“They need to treat him fairly or he’ll never play for the Browns again,” said agent Peter Schaffer. “He will demand a trade and he will walk out of there and they won’t see him for the off-season — they won’t see him ever again.”

Cribbs is making just over $1 million/year on an extension through 2012 and he’s clearly more valuable than that. But here’s the thing: the guy signed a contract through 2012. If he wasn’t happy with the terms, he didn’t have to sign it. It’s a legally binding document, but that means nothing to the athletes who sign and then later sulk because they’re unhappy. Be a fucking man and live up to the obligations you’ve created. If a player signs a big contract and ends up playing shit (which we know happens all the time), the team doesn’t freeze out the player and keep him out of the locker room, so why is it tolerable for players to sit out after signing a deal?

Look, Cribbs is an awesome player and does everything for the Browns. It seems as if every single week he’s on SportsCenter making a huge play. They could line him up at quarterback and have him throw a flea-flicker to himself in the end zone and it would probably work – he’s going to get paid what he’s worth by someone, but he’s the one who signed the extension in the first place. So as awesome as Cribbs is, I just can’t sympathize with him right now.


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