Are you a seller of NFL Jerseys?  Do you have modest profit margins allowing you to offer steep discounts?  If you are then the NFL probably knows about it and is pissed off at you.

In a letter sent this fall, the licensing division of Reebok, the exclusive distributor of N.F.L.-licensed apparel, notified Faber and hundreds of other online retailers that they would have to reapply for the right to continue selling the N.F.L.’s valuable game day line of jerseys, hats and other apparel modeled on what players and coaches wear.

Not only do these guys have to reapply. There are pricing standards thrown in as well.

The league said it will only allow online shops that bought at least $3 million worth of licensed merchandise from Reebok last year to apply to offer the line this year. More traditional stores that also sell online will have to meet a minimum threshold of $2 million in purchases last year.

Howard Faber, one of many online retailers is obviously pissed and said that if the NFL just cut off ALL online retailing with the exception of the NFL then he’d understand, otherwise it’s pretty unfair.

The NFL claims it protecting itself against counterfeiters etc etc but all in all let’s face it. This is a shit economy and locking in certain deals is probably the right thing to do. Then again, isn’t free enterprise and small businesses something that should help boost the economy and not hurt it?

Honestly I don’t really give a shit.  I’m just waiting for the AFC and NFC championships.

[Via NY Times]

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