Mark Cuban has been pumping up NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas, which I’m sure has to be music to David Stern’s ears.

Cuban says All-Star Weekend might be bigger than the Super Bowl in a way.

“The Super Bowl, from a television perspective, is the biggest event of the year. But for attendance and partying, All-Star Weekend will make the Super Bowl look like a bar mitzvah.”

The bigger the event, the more likely an NBA player gets busted for gun possession, so I’m sure All-Star weekend will have its fair share of, shall we say, “human interest stories.” I get what Cuban is saying, but is a bar mitzvah really the right comparison for the Super Bowl? Last time I checked, the Super Bowl didn’t involve tie dancing or memory candles. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but I doubt he’s going to fingerbang some 7th grader in the synagogue parking lot after dancing the Horah. That’s just how we got down in South Florida, nephew, and I’m sick of the Jews being considered square.

Fingerbanging. In. Bathroom.

[Dallas News]


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