USA Today published an article today that revealed their vote for “Quarterback of the Decade“. Tom Brady edged out Peyton Manning by a single vote. As much as I would like to argue this, I cannot. I can try, but it’s probably futile. FML.

What put Brady over the edge was his 3 Super Bowl Rings and 2 Super Bowl MVP’s. For most of the decade, Manning couldn’t get over the hump, and although this could be his 2nd ring next weekend, he still falls a hair short. Statistically, Manning owns Brady. He has more yards, more TD’s, and more commercials. Quite frankly, Manning’s numbers are ridiculous, but when you think of this decade you think of the New England Patriots and their signal caller.

If Manning had gone 2-1 against the Pats in the playoffs as opposed to 1-2, I promise you I would be going bonkers in favor of Manning. The number differential is unable to eclipse the championships and the weight that is put on a QB in winning them. Peyton took home 4, repeat 4, regular season MVP’s to Brady’s 1, but everything always comes back to big games. This point is made clear in the article.

A player’s greatness is always validated by his championships. Peyton Manning on the cusp of his 2nd Super Bowl ring may go down as the best quarterback that ever lived. He will undoubtedly be considered a better quarterback than Tom Brady when it’s all said and done. For this decade, it’s the New England Patriots and Tom Brady is reeping the benefits of that.

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