Someone at NY Knicks Beat has taken issue with the non-call on Shaq in the above clip:

Saturday, the Knicks who were riding a Nate Robinson wave cut the Cavs’ lead to 8 after being down as many as 24. During a drive to the basket, Nate was clearly fouled and should have be awarded two free throws potentially cutting the Cavs’ lead to 6. Instead there was no call made and it became an empty possession for the Knicks. Nate’s revenge on Shaq was sweet, but the no-call was still another injustice by NBA officials.

It’s pretty obvious that Nate Robinson was fouled by Shaq, unless the rules suddenly changed to allow body checks when someone is shooting. But what my friend over at NY Knicks Beat has failed to recognize is that THE NBA IS FIXED AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Not necessarily the outcomes of games, but it is still impossible to watch a game and not notice the preferential treatment that stars and the home team receive. Lebron gets looked at and it’s a foul, and if he’s playing at home, he could probably stab someone in the spine and not get called for it. It’d probably be a charge.

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