You can debate whether or not Mark Sanchez had a great rookie season and whether the Jets won because of him or despite him. What isn’t arguable, though, is that Sanchez has a long way to go before he can be considered as studly as Jeter, Brady, or even Matty Kemp. Right now, he’s still in the minors.

Last weekend may have been about the Saints and the Colts, but Jets heartthrob Mark Sanchez still managed to steal one show in Miami.

Our snowbird spy says the quarterback had lots of ladies fawning over him at a Maxim bash at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, but Sanchez had eyes for only one gal: “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari.

“He was definitely all about Kristin,” the source dishes. “They even left together at the end of the night.”

Look, Cavallari is a pretty hot girl, but she’s a friggin’ reality star for crying out loud. She certainly doesn’t floor anyone with her looks. It seems as if the media is trying to build up Mark Sanchez as this big New York heartthrob, but I ain’t buying it. He’s a decent looking kid for sure, but I can’t take him seriously when he’s hitting on chicks from The Hills. Derek Jeter and Tom Brady bang supermodels and actresses, and Matt Kemp has bagged Rhianna. Putting Sanchez in that class is a joke – he’s Tiger Beat to Jeter’s GQ.

Step up the game, Sanchez, because as of now, your “heartthrob” status is a joke. You’re like the David Wright of the NFL.

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