The only way anybody is going to give a shit about the dunk contest again is if superstars like Lebron and Kobe participate. Even if dudes like Shannon Brown can do a backflip and then dunk the ball with their penis, it doesn’t mean much because, well, those guys kind of suck. People want to see nasty dunks, but they also want to see superstars rocking the rim, not dudes who are either role players or bench warmers.

Of course, this trend isn’t going to change unless someone lights a fire under the collective asses of Lebron and company. As you can see from the video above, And 1 dudes can dunk the shit out of the ball. It’s also axiomatic that And 1 dudes talk more shit than anyone. You can’t call yourself Half-man Half-amazing and not talk a ton of shit. So invite the four best dunkers from And 1 to dunk in the All-Star game, and pit them against four NBA superstars. The And 1ers will obviously talk record-setting amounts of shit leading up to the event, which I’m guessing will piss off the NBAers. They’ll have no choice but to answer the challenge, and the dunk contest will be awesome again. Make this shit happen and thank me later.

Oh, as an aside, everyone should have an And 1 nickname. Mine is Diabetes. Why? Because I’m so fucking sweeeeeet. Pretty good, right? Yeah, I think so, too. Oh baby! Oh baby! Diabetes with the flush!!!

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