Recently, American goalie Ryan Miller had his Olympic Hockey Mask painted for the games. The IOC caused a stir over what was painted on it. The International Olympic Committee has, to put it lightly, a shitload of rules. They are control freaks. They control the athletes, the wardrobes and equipment, and most importantly the money, and there is a lot of that. Two things, in particular, on Miller’s helmet were brought into question….

The first says, “Millertime”. He’s Ryan Miller, when the game starts it’s “Millertime”. The problem is it’s also “Millertime” when you crack open a beer. This could have some negative sentiment. I get that. It could also appear like advertising, which we know the IOC would shit their pants over. They control that too! The IOC’s verdict: Paint over it.

The second is the phrase “Matt Man”, which is an homage to Miller’s cousin who died at the age of 18 from complications from a bone marrow transplant. Miller has said publicly he will not cover that under any circumstances, and he shouldn’t. The IOC, who are all probably a bunch of uptight stiffs, has really crossed the line. The fact that they would even acknowledge the fact they were contemplating making Miller cover this portion of his helmet is just ridiculous. The IOC’s verdict: It can stay (Just because they didn’t want to look mean)

Ever since they were kids Miller and his family dreamed of one day representing their country. Miller amazingly has reached that goal, his brothers and cousin will never. To bring attention to the fact you were potentially going to strip Miller the privilege of honoring his cousin at the Olympics is not only uncompassionate, but just flat out wrong.

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