The NBA playoffs are right around the corner. It’s tough to call a draft pick a bust after one year, but we can begin to assess last year’s draft. Unathletic will take a look at the 2009 Lotto picks and we’ll see, which team was the lottery winner….

1.) Blake Griffin – LA Clippers


Notice how the photo we picked isn’t an action picture. Well, Blake hasn’t seen any action. Bad luck for player and team. I do think Griffin, if he can get and stay healthy, will be a solid David Lee-esque pro. You better f’in believe being compared to David Lee is a good thing. Still pissed he didn’t make the All-Star Game. We can’t assess this pick yet.

2.) Hasheem Thabeet – Memphis Grizzlies

Tough to believe Thabeet was the 2nd overall pick isn’t it? I’m sure most of you have read the article documenting Thabeet’s recent demotion to the D-League. I’m sure Memphis knew he would be as much of a project as anything else. I am going to hold judgement on this one as well, seeing he’s got the physical goods and a good work ethic. May take a little more time than planned

3.) James Harden – Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are an up and coming team and Harden fits in very nicely off the bench for them. He’s not going to be an All-Star but he is a perfect complimentary player to the superstar Kevin Durant. 10 pts, a few rebs, and steals off the bench, solid solid player, if he stays healthy he’ll be in the league a long time.

4.) Tyreke Evans – Sacramento Kings


Evans is one of the top noise makers from the 2009 Draft. He’s dropping 20 ppg, 5 rbp, and 5 apg, and figures to only get better. My guess is the Kings are pretty happy with this guy. Is he going to be a multi-time All-Star? Yes. Is he a guy you can build a championship around? hmmm debatable. Still a great pick though.

5.) Ricky Rubio – Minnesota Timberwolves

Where in the world is Ricky? What a Greek Tragedy for the T-wolves.

6.) Jonny Flynn – Minnesota Timberwolves

Not sure the logic behind this 5-6 draft by the T-wolves but Flynn seems like he has potential to be a solid pro. His stats are decent for being on a shitty team. Not sure Flynn will ever be big time, but like Harden he is a good guy to piece together on a team.

7.) Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors


Very strong pick here. Curry is adjusting to the NBA game pretty damn well. He’s is dropping 16 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg. Curry is a baller. I think this guy will be a solid pro for many years with some All-Star games under his belt. He’s a scorer, and his future is bright.

8.) Jordan Hill – New York Knicks

The dude has already been traded to Houston. The Knicks suck at drafting. Hill could be a serviceable pro, but pick 8? Shit.

9.) Demar Derozan – Toronto Raptors

Big upside with Derozan. He’s been decent thus far, but he’s raw. If he continues to work and develop his game he’ll be just fine. He’s a freak athlete made for the NBA. I am not going to rate this pick yet. There is hope it could be real nice.

10.) Brandon Jennings – Milwaukee Bucks


Jennings is definitely the flashiest pick of the 2009 Draft. You saw what he could do when he dropped 50. Jennings has the same skill set as the best point guards in the NBA. Will he keep his head on straight and continue to develop? If so he’ll be an elite guard in this league for years. 16 ppg and 6 apg is a pretty good start to one’s career

11.) Terrence Williams – New Jersey Nets

The Nets suck ya know? Williams isn’t a total bust at all, he’s just in the abyss. With the right team, this guy could make a pretty damn good sixth man. He’s athletic, can match up well and put the ball in the basket. Looking at the guys after him, not a bad pick here.

12.) Gerald Henderson – Charlotte Bobcats.

All I have to say is Larry Brown is where young players go to die…………….

Verdict. Steph Curry was the pick of this draft for sure. I think he will easily have the best numbers and career when it’s all said and done.

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