Major League Baseball is right around the corner and I can hardly wait. I’ve already drafted in two auction leagues, and my keeper league drafts next week. Fantasy aside, I’m still pumped as hell for the start of the season. The first month is usually just as exciting as the final month; instead of pennant races, we get overachievers, underachievers, and catastrophic injuries. What lasts all year long, though, are the managers and players who carry on like children when arguing with an umpire, and those same managers and players acting downright insane following their ejections. After the jump, enjoy a collection of video clips of baseball managers and players – from all sorts of leagues – totally losing their shit after getting tossed.

This coach has a pretty good reason to be upset:

This is probably overdoing it just a bit:

Lou Piniella always puts on a good show:

Maybe I should have just done an entire post on Lou:

Butch Hobson gets all up in this ump’s face:

Delmon Young chucks his bat:

Another maniac:

What better way to close than with more Lou?

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