The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation has drawn a lot of attention and speculation this offseason. The Birds currently have 3 quarterbacks under contract; 11 year veteran Donovan McNabb, young hopeful Kevin Kolb, and ex-convict Michael Vick. As much as Andy Reid likes to say McNabb is his quarterback, we the public know he’s full of shit. Malcontent Eagles fans have been bitching about McNabb since the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Expect him to be the odd man out in this situation.

So we’ve heard Rams, Vikings if Favre doesn’t come back, 49ers and now it’s Al Davis and the Raiders turn. Recently, the Raiders have emerged as the leaders to land McNabb. Al Davis and McNabb both are Syracuse Orange, and it appears all the pieces are in place for the deal. The Raiders are willing to meet the demands of the Eagles, and his money situation doesn’t scare them off.

I think it’s safe to say McNabb out of Philadelphia is a foregone conclusion. It’s unfortunate that a guy who has been a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback for years is going to leave the city on a bad note. Philadelphia fans are making a dangerous assumption Kolb and Vick will be able to take the Birds further than #5. It’s safe to say one thing; the Raiders know that JaMarcus Russell was a big mistake. In a perfect world McNabb gets out of Philly, and the Eagles suck for years.

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