At least Jose Reyes has been showing some signs of life. Right, Mets fans?

The Mets didn’t call it a setback, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Carlos Beltran’s return.

The center fielder visited doctors in Vail, Colo., about his ailing right knee yesterday, and the team said last night that Beltran was “making progress,” but was not ready to resume baseball-related activities.

Until that happens, there won’t be a timetable for Beltran’s return. He will continue his rehabilitation program and Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews, Jr. will take his place.

No surprises here, right? I mean, a normal player would probably be swinging a bat at the very least right now, but not Carlos Beltran. The guy can’t even run or do anything, let alone play baseball, despite his injury being one from which someone should at least show signs of recovering. It just further affirms my theory that Carlos Beltran is the biggest pussy in all of baseball, and it’s not even close.

Here, this is fact:

MLB : Carlos Beltran :: NFL : Shaun Alexander :: NBA : Vince Carter

Set that shit in stone.

[NY Post]

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