This better be a PR-type move and nothing more, because otherwise the Reds would have been better off releasing the ebola virus at the Great American Ballpark.

Diane Lamb from ESPN said Joe Morgan’s new role as a special advisor with the Reds will not affect his duties on Sunday Night Baseball.

“Joe has had a long standing relationship with the Reds,” Lamb said. “He will not be involved into day-to-day operations.”

It sounds like Joe will just have to show his face at different Reds events from time to time and spend most of his time trying to develop baseball in low-income communities, which is what he really cares about and something worth pursuing.  But if “special adviser” involves any type of advise whatsoever with regard to baseball operations, it’s akin to criminal negligence on behalf of the Reds.  Seriously, if Joe Morgan so much as comments on a player, Bob Castellini should spend at least five years in prison.

But then again, this is a man who trusts Dusty Baker to manage his team.

[Cincinnati Enquirer]

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