What is going on with all these cold-weather cities getting bashed by NBA players?

“There’s pretty much nothing to do,” Smith said. “Miami has some really good restaurants. I never really did anything in Milwaukee. I would be happy to just find a restaurant. I’m not bashing the city but I’ve never actually did anything in Milwaukee so I really don’t know what is around there.”

By now Hawks PR Man Arthur Triche, seeing where this was headed, had creeped in to try and break up the party. But, Smoove being Smoove (”I don’t care!”) he wasn’t stopping.

Someone picked up on the Noah thread and asked Smith if he’d be taking any vacations in Milwaukee.

“Would you go there?” Smith asked. “Everybody knows there ain’t nothing to do in Milwaukee, man. Everybody knows that, (even) the people that live there.”

It seems like Smith was saying these things at least half-seriously, but I’m sure Milwaukee fans will take offense anyway.  What’s the big deal about having your city insulted, though?  People act like it’s on the same level as “yo mama” jokes or making fun of religion or something.  If a city isn’t on the coast and has shitty weather (and isn’t Chicago), chances are there’s not much to do and that yes, indeed, that city blows.  Why get upset over that?  Just accept it and move somewhere else.


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