For those of you who are familiar with soccer in Europe, this should come as no surprise to you. The fans are fanatical. They are dead serious about their teams, and their players. Mario Balotelli, a player on Inter Milan, recently was booed off the pitch in a 3-1 win after he ripped his jersey off and threw it on the ground. Ok, so he’s not so popular with the fans, and he kind of had a temper tantrum…. Well, it’s not that easy…

Inter’s principle fan group the Curva Nord sent him a personal letter, and now it’s public….

“We wish only that, at the end of this season, absolutely however exciting it will finish, when we will be giving the deserved applause to the protagonists, you don’t dare show yourself.

“We will always remember you, Mario. We will remember you as the simpleton who, first (and we hope the last) in history, at the San Siro, allowed himself to take off the shirt and throw it onto the ground in a sign of contempt.

“This same shirt for which each one of us spends time, money and love to follow it wherever and which you have the fortune to wear.

“For us you don’t exist any more dear Mario, and with this, we bid you farewell.”

This is some intense stuff here. My assumption would be we don’t see Mr. Balotelli next season at Inter. Imagine being part of a group that writes this kind of a letter to one of your favorite players and it goes public… Only in European soccer

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