I can’t imagine things more irritating for a baseball manager than a pencil-necked reporter questioning his in-game moves. I think Lou agrees.

The Cubs trailed by one run when MarlonByrd led off the inning with a double. Mike Fontenot followed with a pop-up, Chad Tracy struck out and, after a walk to Xavier Nady, Ryan Theriot fouled out to first on the first pitch to end the inning.

“Did you think of bunting after Byrd doubled?” Piniella was asked.

“Bunting what?” Piniella said. “With a left-handed hitter up, you want to bunt? What kind of baseball you play? Really, what kind of baseball do you play?”

I feel ya, Lou. Regardless of whether the hitter is right or left-handed, he’s already in scoring position. You’ve got three chances to knock him in with a hit. But some people would rather give the other team an out just for the sake of moving the runner over one base – and that’s not a guarantee, either. Bunts usually equal outs, and as we all know, outs are bad. I’m not saying you should never bunt, but fuck any reporter in the mouth who questions when you don’t.

[Chicago Breaking Sports]

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