It’s always a bonus when I can bash Obama and women in the same post.

Many championship teams have visited the White House the past two years, but few have received more superlatives from President Obama than the UConn women’s basketball team.

Obama lauded the Huskies for their 78-game win streak and back-to-back national titles during Monday’s East Room ceremony, calling UConn “the best team in all of sports, any sport, any gender, by far.”

“This team has not lost a game since I was elected president,” he said.

Yikes. It’s pretty clear by now that Obama is a phony when it comes to sports – for a guy who claims to love the White Sox, you think he’d be able to name a few of them and know the proper name of their ballpark (it’s Comiskey, Barry) – so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d call the UConn women the “best team in all of sports.” Whether it’s out of ignorance or for the sake of political correctness is up to you.

But here’s the thing – the UConn women play against…other women. It’s like calling the Praying Mantis the most dominant beast in all of the animal kingdom, any family, and phylum, any species, just because it eats all the other bugs. Or maybe Obama can relate since he throws like a girl.

Ok, I’m done. For now.

[Yahoo! Sports]

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4 thoughts on “OBAMA MESSES UP AGAIN

  1. I guess that is why you are unathletic. I do not care if it is a pee-wee league or the pros you obviously do not know how hard it is to stay undefeated. Why don’t you keep your Obama bashing out of sports & oh by the way, the average american family for the 2009 tax year was taxed at the lowest rate in almost 50 years. Also, I believe unathletic is not even a word. Take it easy, Eddie in SB, CA

  2. @ EDDIE

    You obviously do not understand the gigantic difference in skill level between the top teams in a women’s sport as compared to those in a men’s sport. When most varsity high school teams could trounce most women’s college teams, it sort of undermines the accomplishments of the UConn women.

    As for the Obama bashing, it’s all in fun. I actually think he’s a cool guy and a great American. I just don’t agree with a lot of his policies, that’s all.

    I didn’t name this website; I just write for it. Thanks for reading.

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