What’s the point? Keep throwing him out there so that he can get his 600th save? Of all the arcane, useless baseball statistics, saves may be the biggest farce of them all.

Milwaukee lost its eighth in a row—its worst slump since 2006—because of some big problems with its bullpen. Hoffman came on with a 4-2 lead and failed to retire any of the five batters he faced, walking off the field with a blank expression after Votto’s single on his 14th pitch.

The 42-year-old closer has blown half of his 10 save chances. He has a record 596 saves, but his trademark fastball-change combination—so effective for so many years—seems to have lost its bite.

Hoffman has given up 19 earned runs and 21 hits in only 13 innings this season.

If I’m a Milwaukee fan, I’m furious, because it’s pretty clear that the organization is putting Hoffman’s personal goals ahead of its own.  I mean, why else would they keep trotting the human tee out there to get absolutely lit up every other day?  I have nothing against Hoffman – I think he’s had a great career – but a changeup isn’t effective if it’s the same speed as your fastball.  Hoffman is 42 and it’s probably time to hang ’em up, but the Brewers pen is so atrocious that he may not even be the worst possible option.

The question is: will Hoffman get 600 saves?  I honestly don’t know that he will.

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