Big Z Put on Restricted List, Getting Mental Help

This is kind of a disappointment. I rather enjoy Carlos Zambrano spazzing out from time to time. It’s amazing how it was tolerable when the guy was actually a good pitcher, but man has he gone south in a couple years. You want to talk about shitty contracts Zambrano got about $90 million over 5 years and in return the Cubs have gotten nothing but a comedy show.

It’s also astonishing how some teams have such a tough time admitting mistakes. We all know that Zambrano was once an elite pitcher, but when do you say when. Quite frankly, the guy is an embarrassment to the entire organization. I know it would suck to let him walk and half to pay him. These contracts professional athletes sign are something. To this day, we the public continue to wonder why athletes behave the way they do in public life. I mean look at Big Z, the guy is doing the equivalent to walking around the office with his pants down and taking a shit on his desk, yet he’s not getting fired from his job.

Oh Well. I love the spaz outs from Big Z. I also love that he went to dinner that night with Ozzie Guillen. Absolute joke.

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