Thunder Aggressively Pursue Durant Extension


With all the news of potential signings, flying under the radar is the Thunder front office aggressively pursuing an extension for Kevin Durant. Surely, there will be bad contracts, and more interesting subplots, but this is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Much to Durant’s surprise, front office people showed up at 12:01 at his front door this week talking extension. Undoubtedly, Durant will get a max contract of $80 million over 5 years. He’s going to be 22 years old this fall. Who knows this kid’s potential after averaging 30.1 ppg, and 7.6 rpg and taking the Thunder to the playoffs this past season. If the Thunder can lock this kid up and surround him with some talent they will be a team to contend with for years.

You’re going to hear about Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh, but take note of this signing. Afterall, we’re talking about maybe the most talented player in the NBA behind LBJ.

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