Just in case everyone is extremely bored by the lack of sports between yesterday, today, and more than likely tomorrow I did find some entertainment in watching the All-Star Legends Celebrity Softball game. Nothing’s more fun than seeing how truly uncoordinated most people are. Though I gotta say Jon Hamm could definitely hold his own.

But for the most part it was a fun watch. You had guys like Bo Jackson yucking it up at first base and there was definitely a “Rock and Jock” MTV style to the game. What the hell ever happened to Rock and Jock anyway? Does that still happen? I think it does but I’m over 30 and the mere thought of MTV makes me puke in my mouth every single time.

I did however manage to come up with 10 fun highlights from the game..

Photos and highlights after the jump

Key Highlights Included:

1. Ricky Henderson trying to convince everyone he’s still good enough for the major leagues
2. Dave Winfield has a HUGE ass
3. Michael Clarke Duncan talked some amazing shit as catcher
4. John Kruk hates everyone
5. Jennie Finch going yard and being on the same team as Marissa Miller – WOW
6. Bo Jackson playing first base and everyone loving him
7. Quinton Aaron needs to be an offensive lineman
8. M.C. Hammer!
9. Gary Carter will always be a tool

10. This Picture


More Photos


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