South Africa Was Real Winner In 2010 World Cup


This topic may get some serious burn in the aftermath of the World Cup, but it deserves it. With the tournament now over, and all that is left to do is reflect, kudos must be given to the host nation of South Africa. For those who were waiting for some kind of massive failure, it never came. Chris Jones wrote a great article on his experience in South Africa and how it effected the lives of those who were there for the month long tournament. You can see that the in spite of everything there is great beauty and charisma throughout the land.

Although Bafana Bafana didn’t last long in the tournament the country never abandoned it’s commitment to the tournament. This was certainly the year Africa thought it would make some noise in the World Cup. As team after team fell, and long after Asamoah Gyan’s ball clanged off the cross bar the same fervor from the first night persevered on. There was something magical about this World Cup, something magical that I hold the country of South Africa directly responsible for……

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