Five Worthy George Steinbrenner Videos


So last night during the All-Star game I was playing trivia at this bar and we decided to name our team “I don’t have heart attacks, I give them,” which I thought was appropriate in terms of giving Mr. Steinbrenner his proper tribute. Although another team called themselves “We didn’t realize Steinbrenner had a heart” which I thought was a little distasteful (my favorite name of the night was “Your mother is a whore Mel Gibson”).

In any event, that got me thinking about The Boss’s demise. I don’t need to go into crazy detail about his life or anything like that. We all know how effective George was as a manager. He was relentless, greedy, mean at times but one thing you couldn’t ignore was the fact that he hated to lose. So much so that it hurt other people but even so the man proved that you do what you have to do to get a W and that’s what being an owner should be all about.

Whether you liked him or not, Steinbrenner will be known for being one of if not the most influential owners in the history of sport. Here are 5 great videos that highlight the man

Showing off the Acting Skills

Given that he was constantly mocked on this show it was pretty cool that he made an appearance.

Billy Martin and The Boss in a Commercial

Classic really more for the clothing. Wow.

Archive File Footage of Steinbrenner

Solid stuff here.

Commercial with Derek Jeter

You gotta love his humorous side which he didn’t show all that often.

Great Tribute Video

Love the first 10 seconds. Great great quotes in here.

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