5 Horrific X Games Crashes


I’m not a huge X Games guy. However, I do happen to take notice when there is a nasty crash. It’s that necessity to look at an accident on the side of the road gene that every human has within themselves. Here are some of the worst crashes you will ever see at the X Games…..

Shaun White absolutely crushes himself on the halfpipe in this video. He looked ok, after the fact, but that ledge right to the face had to be painful.

Travis Pastrana is one crazy mother man. I found myself kind of mesmerized by the run he was having. Then, of course, he gets cocky and gets annihilated.

This one just makes me cringe. Falling from that high. This shit is one of the worst ones you will see.

I needed a more mild one after that last one. This crash still sucks, but damn it’s nowhere near the last one.

Gretchen Bleiler NOOOO! The hot chick from the X Games takes a dig. Damn this thing has neck injury all over it. It’s ok babe you’re still cute.

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