Great Moments in Lou Piniella Ejections


Lou Piniella is back to work after announcing his plans to retire (again). Whether he actually follows through with it remains a mystery. Something tells me he’ll take a year off and possibly sign on with a contender. Or maybe it’s truly time he hangs up his hat. Either way I’m sure it’s been a frustrating run in Chicago.

The team just isn’t that good. Plus what the hell is Marlon Byrd on? I mean I read the dude is taking supplements but come on! In any event I figured now is as good a time as any to post some fun videos of Piniella’s tirades.

Enjoy the videos after the jump….

Cubs Marlins July 2008

Guy looks like an owl don’t you think?

As a Player

Oh he didn’t just do this as a coach. Sweet Lou has always had a temper.

Dirt Kicking, Yelling in the Face, Hardcore

I hope he took his tic tacs for the day.

Kicking His Hat Around

Look how thin he is! What in God’s name is he saying?

Cursing at Fans

OK he doesn’t get ejected here but he should have.

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