Breakdown of Chris Paul’s Trade Destinations


Chris Paul wants to team up too! Yay! The NBA is headed into a dangerous situation with all this teaming up. It’ll probably end up being an 8 team league in 10 years with all the other teams disappearing because they have no stars. With that said, there is some intrigue to this situation particularly because any team that has a better chance of knocking off the triumvirate in Miami is going to draw more fans than usual. Here are CP3’s dream destinations and the chances he has to end up there without a no trade clause…….

1.) The New York Knicks


Ok, Ok, I kid. The Knicks can salvage their lives with the acquisition of CP3. Expect them to go heavy and hard. Unfortunately, they don’t really have the trade pieces to get a direct deal with the Hornets as the New York Times Reports. The dream scenario; Stoudemire, Paul, and eventually signing Carmelo Anthony. This would give the South Beach Stars a run for their money for sure. They do have some talent on the team in Gallinari, Randolph, and Toney Douglas, but they need more in the worst way. They’ve got a shot, too bad they don’t have draft picks. DOH!

2.) Orlando Magic


Admit you just wanted to see Dwight Howard with his shirt off…. The Magic are in the conversation to win the East as is right now. If they acquire Chris Paul, they’re in the debate. This could be a lovely marriage between Howard and Paul with some very nice accessories. I won’t lie, the way some of the other guys played in the playoffs was a red flag. (Not bringing up names) The Magic seem to be in a slightly better position than the Knicks because they have picks and better players to deal.

3.) Portland Trail Blazers

Lakers Trail Blazers Basketball

The Trail Gangsters on are on the come up boy! Give credit where credit is due. The Blazers have become a noteworthy team in the league particularly because of Brandon Roy. A nice solid roster without an elite point guard. Hmmm. You better believe Portland is yearning for CP3. With him, put them up with the best in the West. Plain and simple they do have some respectable lesser players to dish, but no one that would blow the Hornets skirts up. Let’s face it the Hornets are going to want a ton of picks, which essentially puts the Blazers and Magic ahead of the Knicks.

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