Five Historically Horrible Calls in MLB History


While it’s not nearly as much as you’d think, doesn’t it feel like there’s a new terribly blown call in Major League Baseball like every week now? This week it’s the taking out of Jonathan Broxton that screwed things up.  Next thing you know an umpire will grab a player by the balls and then say “oh my bad, I’m not allowed to do that?”

Hey at least there aren’t too many steroid reports right???? Yay!  Also not as many homers, and also not as much fun this year.   I don’t know.  Baseball is droning on and I guess we’ll see what happens come playoff time.

But speaking of blown calls, how about when they cost something huge?  Here are five really bad blown calls from MLB history….

The Chuck Knoblauch Phantom Tag


I can actually remember this in my head.  Honestly it’s nearly impossible to forget.  Chuck Knoblauch’s supposed tag on Jose Offerman in the ALCS in ’99 … That wasn’t the only botched call of the series.  It made Red Sox Nation wonder if the Yankees’ bloated payroll included the four men in blue. I say yes and I’m a Yankees fan.   Wow was that obvious.

The Armando Galarraga Perfect Game Abortion Call


This may not have been a World Series or a Playoff game but a perfect game is a perfect game and that means it’s historically significant.  Not anymore!  But still,  Jim Joyce will forever live in infamy due to his botched call that ruined what could have been the best game of Galarraga’s life.  At least they act like buddies now.  Did you see them at the ESPY’s?  Yay!

Jeffrey Maier assists Jeter’s HR


During the 1996 ALCS Game 1, with the Orioles leading 4-3 in the eighth, 12-year old fan Jeffrey Maier reaches over the right field wall to turn what would be an out, into the game tying home run for a little Yankee rookie named Derek Jeter.  You know the rest: New York won in extra innings and went on to win the World series that year, with Maeir’s catch jumpstarting the Yankees dynasty that decade.  Man do the Orioles suck now.  How the hell were they ever in the playoffs?

Don Denkinger’s Safe Call


Back in the 1985, Game 6 with the Cardinals only three outs away from a World Series title, Don Denkinger calls Jorge Orta safe at first on a routine ground ball where he was clearly out.  The Royals went on to rally and score two runs and to win the game and eventually the series. Denkinger said he received death threats for years to come.

Kent Hrbek knocks Ron Gant off first base


During the 1991 World series after a single,  Ron Gant rounds toward second base but heads back, and that’s when Twins’ pitcher Kevin Tapani throws back to first.  Twins’ first baseman Kent Hrbek then wrestled Gant off first to get the out call.  In what ended up being a seven game series where five games were decided by one run it was an iffy call to say the least.

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