Laker Girls Tryouts Seemed Enjoyable


In case you missed it over the weekend because you were out in this blazing heat and had better things to do, El Segundo was a busy place for some sexy ladies.

Saturday morning, the Lakers practice facility was turned into a dance studio More than 400 women filed into the gym dressed in tank tops, dance shorts and flesh colored tights to audition to become a 2010-11 Laker Girl, a position many called a dream job.

400 Women? Can I be a judge next time? Are you kidding me? Well I really hope that they start looking at looks a little bit more this year. The Laker girls are so Lakery anymore. Tons of NBA teams have stepped up there cheerleaders so let’s go L.A.! You’re the champs. Act like it.

Tryouts pictures after the jump

[H/T Ocregister]

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