The Many Expressions of Bud Selig


Let’s face it. Bud Selig has done a pretty admirable job as the commish of the MLB. Lord knows he hasn’t been dealt a fun hand these last 5 years or so. However, that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. I’ll let all the critics do their part in analyzing Bud’s performance. I’m here to pint something out.

What the hell is with this guy’s face? It’s like a warped Bill Gates and Steven Hawking. No disrespect here but it’s tough to watch this dude talk. Doesn’t it seem like he’s spitting all the time? He’s one of those “moist” talkers isn’t he? Like he’s got saliva just brewing in there.

I don’t know man. He’s definitely the type of dude who smells up a bathroom. That said, I’m compelled to share his many faces with all of you in this fine Bud Selig gallery.

This might be the worst gallery ever posted on this site. Enjoy….

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