5 Jerseys To Wear at Sporting Events That Will Get Your Ass Kicked

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I think one of my favorite things in all of sport is seeing fans get into it. It’s especially funny when you’re in a season where “rival” meet and one team is clearly 100 times better than the other yet the die hard fans start bringing up history and the yelling ensues. It’s all part of the game and it’s fun stuff.

But when it comes to etiquette I think there’s some things you just don’t do at a sporting event. I mean there’s nothing wrong with talking shit but some places take it pretty seriously on how you go about doing so.

So be careful what you wear kids. These five jerseys are liable to get you in trouble if you wear them in the wrong place…..

Bucky Dent at Fenway


I think this one has the most history and pain attached. I mean I guess you could pick Aaron Boone or even Babe Ruth if you really want to get serious. But I think true Boston fans get pissed at Dent.

Lebron James in Cleveland


Well we all know what happened the other day and I think I speak for everyone outside of Cleveland in saying that was f*cking hilarious. I mean you shouldn’t do that at all but that guy had some balls on him.

Scott Norwood in Buffalo


That will never, EVER die. Can anyone say Ray Finkle? Laces out!

Reggie Miller in Madison Square Garden


I almost feel like given how bad the state of the Knicks have been for a while that the new fans wouldn’t even care. Old school ones like myself and some guys I know? They’d be pretty annoyed.

Ron Artest at The Palace


How many baseball players charged the stands and didn’t get reprimanded? Don’t get me wrong, I think Artest is a psycho but to this day I still don’t think what he did was so wrong. Guy friggin’ threw beer on his head. I guess that’s another story.

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