Ridiculous Home Run Robbing Catches


Let’s celebrate a little defense here shall we!? The Home Run stealing catch is often one of the most exciting plays in baseball. It’s time it gets a little more love. Here is a collection of just awesome Home Run robberies……

Ridiculous Youngster

Dewayne Wise Perfect Game Saver (We’ve all seen it, so here’s an awesome fan perspective)

College Home Run Robbery

More College.. Isn’t this a Home Run?? It went over

UNBELIEVABLE Ken Griffey Jr. catches… (The middle catch is a robbery)

Curtis Granderson 9th Inning Robbery

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3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Home Run Robbing Catches

  1. That Griffey video is already down. Why does MLB not allow their videos on YouTube? It completely blows my mind. They need to take a lesson from the NBA which allows it’s fans to post videos and make mixes and tributes. It keeps the fans happy and people share the link which opens up potential for more interest in the sport.

    On another note, I think I agree that the Quinnipiac catch was a HR. Since when are you allowed to catch it and fall over and have it still be an out? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as jumping over the fence and running to catch the ball before it lands even if it was like 10 rows deep? You should have to stay within the field on the other side of the fence for it to be an out.

  2. Funny the Griffey vidio was removed because of MLB copyright. The taxpayers build the stadiums, pay admission, and can’t view the video.

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