A Tribute To The Common Man: Professional Sports’ Best Guts


The common man we’re talking about here is the guy who loves his beer. The guy who has his special couch or chair he watches sports in. The guy who can get his grub on. Pro sports is a realm in this world in which the finest athletes compete. The guys who are blessed by the Gods with ability greater than the common man, and with that blessing train and keep their bodies in tip top shape. Or do they? Some of these “athletes” have slipped through the nets and you know who they are. They’re famous for their tremendous ability, but also for that gut that hangs over their belt…..

Prince Fielder

Prince can bang man, and until he stops we can’t really say s#$t. Got to believe this gut will hurt longevity.

David Wells

Dodgers Mets Baseball

Blessed with a rubber arm. Boomer got it done in the face of critics with a massive gut. No one was going to tell Boomer s#$t about his weight.

Sebastian Janikowski

Janikowski weighs 250 lbs. Brian Urlacher weighs 258 lbs. FYI

CC Sabathia
Yankees Royals Baseball

CC is probably bigger than he’s ever been. Nonetheless, he keeps winning. Another one who’s weight has got to catch up with him sooner than later.



What can I say, the guy was a champion. Say what you want about his training. He was a champion….

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