5 Female Athletes You Could Bring Home To Mom


There are certain prerequisites a man must have in a woman before he brings her home to mom. We post hot chicks all the time. Often times we do it carelessly, with complete disregard for the quality of the person. I’m not saying I know the next 5 women, so I have no proof they are actually quality. However, the meet the prerequisites. 1.) Stud Athlete 2.) No Nudy Photos 3.) No Criminal or Substance Abuse History 4.) Generally No Negative Publicity 5.) No History of Being Sexually Active With Many Superstars. (Note: We could not use any X Games hotties because they are associated with a punk image, sorry!) Here they are…..

1.) Jennie Finch


You just look at Jennie Finch and you know you’ve found the sweetest chick in the world. She’s cute, she’s a stud softball pitcher and hasn’t posed nude (bikinis are ok). Her husband proposed to her on the Arizona softball field (her alma mater), and they seem to be quite happy together. She knows tons of baseball, she’s a keeper bro.

2.) Anna Rawson


She had me the minute I heard her Australian accent. Anna is a stunner, and a pretty sick golfer. She’s done her fair share of modeling, but has kept it in good taste. She comes off as very classy and would definitely make your parents proud. I have like 6 legit hot athlete crushes and she is top 3.

3.) Maria Kirilenko


Hmm, let me try and find a flaw……………………………………………. It’s been 3 hours and I got nothing. Her nickname is Makiri. That’s just precious. Maria meets at the prereq’s and then some. Seems to be in a stable relationship with Igor Andreev, tasteful photo shoots, very humble. Count it.

4.) Allison Stokke


Allison stormed onto the scene as the sexiest pole vaulter to ever walk the earth. Her popularity has grown immensely and for good reason. She’s very attractive. Ok, she’s had a minor issue with a d-bag boyfriend, but she fits all other qualifications and she is still very young. I’ll give her a pass. She’s worthy.

5.) Sue Bird


Sue Bird is another very cute, good all-American girl. She’s a stud on the basketball court, which always wins points with me. She’s very distinguished in her field. From college to international play she’s done it all. We’re talking the highest quality here folks.

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