Four Huge Sporting Events That Are Hyped and Then Forgotten About


Have you ever noticed there are some sports that you simply don’t follow throughout the course of the year but come “big event” time you hop on the bandwagon and pretend that you do? I mean who the hell really follows swimming? Are you an avid horse race watcher? How often are you really watching cyclnig?

And yet every few years or even once a year we have these giant events that get hyped like crazy. However, right after the events are over, it’s as if they never happened.

Here are four huge sporting events that have extreme hype but then get forgotten about….

The Olympics


There is no bigger event that is hyped than the Olympics. Whether it’s the winter or summer Olympics the buzz that surrounds this series of events is humongous every single time it rolls around. And we’re not talking millions of dollars here. We’re talking billions. But have you heard anything about Bode Miller recently? How about Apollo Ono? How about every other gold medal winner of that entire Olympics? Didn’t think so. I wonder why the hell that is. Weird though don’t you think? It’s like a few weeks of fame and then nothing. I mean why isn’t speed skating on NBC every Sunday?

The FIFA World Cup


Again, same thing. Unless you live in Europe are you really following Soccer all that much here the states? No, I didn’t think so. So why do you get all jazzed up and rally when the world cup is here? It’s not like you’re following soccer the other 49 weeks out of the year. We know all these soccer player names and then completely forget about them as soon as the event is over. Honestly, I already forgot who won this year.

Tour De France


I can safely say I have no idea who won the Tour this year. Not one clue. And it’s like do we really care who won a 90 mile stage 14? No. Not at all. These guys get their moment in the sun after a few weeks and then what? Sure it’s racing as usual but it’s not like those races mean shit.

Kentucky Derby


First of all I never got the appeal of horse racing other than the gambling factor. But Jesus could there be more hype surrounding a race than the Kentucky Derby? I mean now I think it’s just for the “show.” The event is practically like Mardi Gras now so I get that. But all for some horses running around a track? There’s a reason we have the OTB and those events aren’t televised nationally. Why the Kentucky Derby is, is beyond me.

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